Sahwira Lite Funeral Cash Plan

Sahwira Lite Funeral Cash Plan

Sahwira Lite is a funeral cash plan. The policy provides a specified cash benefit on death of a covered member. The plan pays out the sum assured immediately after receiving all the required documents.


Below are the cover levels (cash payout) and premiums per individual:

Sum Assured (Cash Payout)Individual Monthly PremiumIndividual Annual Premium
ZWL$400 ZWL$1.00 ZWL$12.00
ZWL$600 ZWL$1.60 ZWL$19.20
ZWL$800 ZWL$2.00 ZWL$24.00
ZWL$1000 ZWL$2.60 ZWL$31.20

Key Features

  1. All the lives assured under the Sahwira Lite Funeral Cash Plan should be on the same cover level i.e. one cannot opt to cover one's self for ZWL$1000.00 and their dependent/s for ZWL$400.00 etc.
  2. A maximum of three (3) biological/legally adopted children of the principal member, under the age of 23 years are covered for free where the policy is a stand-alone policy.
  3. Where the policy is an add-on to an existing policy, all biological/legally adopted children under the age of 23 years are covered for free i.e. more than the three (3) mentioned above.
  4. The policy is available as a stand-alone policy or as an add-on to an existing policy.
  5. Medical tests are not required.
  6. The policy covers other dependants for an additional premium.
  7. The policy has a waiting period of three (3) months. Cover is immediate if death is as a result of road traffic accident.
  8. Minimum entry age for the principal member is 18 years and maximum is 70 years.
  9. In the event of death of the principal member, the benefit is paid to the nominated beneficiary.

Apply Now

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