Agricultural Insurance

Agricultural Insurance

Agriculture Insurance

Crop insurance

Covers against any loss or damage to crops such as tobacco, potatoes, cotton, maize and sugarcane from growing stage to the selling stage, against perils such as hail, windstorm and fire.

Agricultural Buildings and Contents

Insurance for farm buildings and equipment is similar to home insurance. The policy would pay out if, for example, a fire destroyed the outbuildings of the farm or a flood damaged some of the machinery.

Most farm insurance policies cover only specified perils and might exclude escape of water or theft. One usually pays an extra premium to extend cover. Alternatively, one could opt for an 'all-risks’ policy, though it would almost certainly be more expensive than a standard contract, for example, if one were to live on a farm they normally would include own home and contents on their farm insurance policy so that they only have to deal with one renewal date.

Livestock Insurance

This covers against fire, lightning, impact and malicious damage to property. It also covers the risk of theft and straying. One can insure livestock while they are in transit and can arrange specialist cover in case one breeds cattle and other animals that fail to deliver in terms of a reasonable number of offspring.

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