Liability Policies

Liability policies

Public Liability

Covers legal liability claims which may be brought against the insured by the public in respect of accidental death or injury and accidental physical damage to property e.g. contractors.

Employers Liability

Covers legal liability claims which may be brought against the insured in respect of accidental death, injury or illness to an employee arising out of or in the course of employment.

Professional Indemnity

Offers protection for professionals such as doctors, solicitors, architects and accountants against loss or damage suffered as a result of professional negligence.

Products Liability

Covers manufacturing companies against the insured’s legal liabilities for death of or injury to a customer caused by a faulty product and also for any damage to their property, for example, foodstuffs may cause sickness or death; hair chemicals may cause damage or hair loss.

Defective Workmanship

This form of cover is available for businesses where physical work rather than products are involved such as a vehicle or machinery repair. For example, if a component is put back wrongly into a vehicle or machinery and an accident results, then the policy would cover the resultant damage.

Directors and Officers Liability

Payable to the directors and officers of a company to cover damages or defense costs in the event that they suffer such losses as a result of a lawsuit for alleged wrongful acts while acting in their capacity as directors and officers for the organization. Such coverage can extend to defense costs arising out of criminal and regulatory investigations/trials and where civil and criminal actions are brought against directors/officers simultaneously.

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