Score Pack Plan

Score Pack Plan

This plan provides funeral cover for the Principal Member as well as an unlimited number of dependents. It is entirely up to the policy holder to choose the number of dependents they want covered under this plan. Its uniqueness is in the flexibility on the number of people that can be covered from a single person to as many people as one would want. In all instances, members’ children under the age of 23 are covered free of charge. With the Score Pack Plan, not only will you “SCORE” for you and your family but for your favourite local PSL soccer team as well. For each premium payment you make, your nominated soccer club will get paid a certain percentage at no additional cost to YOU. (Only six football clubs currently participate in this arrangement).

Premium Rates

The premium rate is for every beneficiary covered, excluding principal member’s own children who are covered free of charge until they reach the age of 23.

Plan TypeCoffin/CasketGrocery AllowanceMonthly PremiumMonthly Premium
Standard (Without bus)Plus (With bus)

Silver Score Pack

2 Tier Coffin




Gold Score Pack

2 Tier Casket




Diamond Score Pack

3 Tier Casket




Platinum Score Pack

White Dome Casket