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‘Sahwira Mukuru, Umngane Omkhulu’ - Maringe netsika dzedu

The period between death and burial is a very important part of the separation of the dead from the living as it gives the surviving family and friends the last memory of their dear departed. The responsibility to present your last memories lies firmly and squarely with us in the funeral services industry. When properly done, this period can leave family and friends with a sense of peace and comfort. “Our mission is to give decency to humanity in their times of helplessness.”

Funeral Services

Our Service Centres offer the following:

  • Body removals 24/7
  • Mortuary Services - Storage, body preservation and preparation
  • Burial, Cremation and Incineration
  • Coffins, Caskets and Ash Urns
  • Blankets, Laces, Reed mats and Floral tributes
  • Exhumations
  • Memorial tributes
  • Repatriations and Expatriation
  • Funeral documentation
  • Hearses and Buses
  • Video recording and photography

From the General Manager

We are here to give personalized quality service, characterized by on time delivery and to render cost effective funeral services country wide on a 24 hour basis. ‘Customer Care’ is a theme that is at the core of everything we do. A service cannot be seen or touched; it can only be experienced so we are there to provide the personal touch that makes you, the customer, comfortable and comforted. Most of all we listen, understand and provide solutions. Our Service Centres nationwide are fully resourced to provide personalized services, primarily to our policy holders through accountable, courteous, disciplined, and well-motivated teams led by principle-centered leadership.

Counselling Services

Tell It To Your Sahwira Mukuru

Nyaradzo Funeral Services was the first funeral services provider to introduce counselling services. Not only are we in the business of giving your loved one a decent send-off, we are also in the business of ensuring a quality life to the living by offering the bereaved professional counselling services. We are there to hold your hand in your time of need as you come to terms with your loss and also as you struggle to move on following a bereavement. Corporates that have lost an employee can access our counselling services for the bereaved colleagues. Often, working with someone and then losing them is like one has lost a family member. Many people face challenges afterwards particularly when you have to face the deceased’s work space after their passing on.

Our professional therapists can be called in for consultancy work or training, for example Stress Management, Trauma, and Workplace Relationships Training etc.

‘Let’s Talk About It’ is our radio programme which is broadcast every Sunday between 7pm and 8pm on PowerFM radio station. The programme tackles social issues that people encounter in their day-to-day lives. One-on-one counselling is available to anyone who identifies with a topic that has been discussed on air. Topics covered during the radio programme include issues affecting marriages, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, divorce and separation, single parenting, the impact of early sexual debut in teens and many others. The programme is a community service to our clients and the general public.

To book an appointment or to talk with our therapist, please contact her on direct line 04-2933705, and land lines 0772 156 162-5. For WhatsApp and SMSes 0712 697 12. E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Products & Services

Executive hearse
Golf shorts & round neck tshirts
Rukukwe blanket travel bag
Standard hearse
Twin cab hearse
Vito hearse
Coffin spray
Upright flower
2 Tier Kudu casket
3 Tier white casket
Alligator leather casket
Emperor dome casket
Executive dome casket
Kudu coffin
Nguni casket
Presidential dome casket
Standard dome casket

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