Coffins and Caskets

Calundike manufactures over 45 different types of wood coffins and caskets and are the largest manufacturers of wood dome caskets in Zimbabwe. The coffins and caskets are primarily manufactured for Nyaradzo Funeral Assurance company policy holders but are also sold to other funeral homes.

  • Cremation Urns

  • Leather Dome Caskets

  • Shade-on Range Coffins and Caskets

  • White Range Dome Caskets

  • Laminate Dome Caskets

  • Natural Wood Veneer Dome Caskets

  • Solid Wood Dome Caskets

These are available in Mukwa, Teak, Oak, Pine, Mahogany and Red Grandis.

We offer cremation urns for ashes in natural hard wood that blend in with home furniture and complement the uniqueness of each person or loved one.

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The Leather Dome Casket is made of a combination of textures and materials including natural hardwood and genuine leather among others. The casket is decorated with gold handles that bring quality and style to it. Calundike ensures that each casket is a work of art.

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Responding to the needs of our customers is the epitome of our strength in amazing them. We provide them with low cost coffins and caskets that capture the warmth and beauty offered by natural wood and benefits offered by engineered boards.

The shade-on range of coffins and caskets is achieved by shading a stain onto an engineered board until a desired colour is attained. We then apply clear varnish onto the product until the desired finish is achieved. We ensure that the manufacturing process is cost effective, without compromising on quality. In the end the product has the look of natural wood.

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These dome caskets are painted white and use engineered wood composites (supawood and bison board) for the environmentally-conscious customer who realizes the benefits offered by engineered boards. The use of advanced technologies to make the board gives a combination of strength and beauty for the discerning customer.

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Laminate dome caskets are available in Oak, Kiaat and Maple.

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These are available in Oak, Kiaat and Maple.

The warmth and beauty of natural wood caskets draws the attention of many people, but the high price of solid wood can put them out of reach. At Calundike, we strive to satisfy our customers by using premium wood veneers and engineered wood composites for the appearance and finish of solid hardwood. The warmth, beauty, affordability and eco-friendly construction of natural wood veneer caskets makes it a popular choice with many families.

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These are available in Mukwa, Teak, Oak, Red Grandis and Pine.

This choice is for families who appreciate and cherish the qualities of natural wood. With natural wood caskets, there is no substitute for quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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