Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Mt Darwin 2013 Walkathon

As part of our CSR programme, Nyaradzo supports Friends of the Environment (FOTE).

Friends of the Environment (FOTE) is a not-for-profit organisation of like-minded individuals and corporate entities championing the re-greening of Zimbabwe through tree planting. The initiative was pioneered by Nyaradzo Group in July 2010 when they started planting a tree with every burial they did. This idea culminated in the registration of FOTE as a Trust in November 2010. FOTE is governed by a Board of Trustees and works with the government through the Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate and its parastatals: The Forestry Commission; The Environmental Management Agency and The National Parks and Wildlife Authority.

FOTE has a target of planting five hundred (500) million trees by the year 2026 and in that regard it is involved in various activities aimed at achieving that target. Together with other members of the initiative, FOTE has established a total of 14 tree seedling nurseries at schools in different provinces of the country. The most recent one was opened in December, 2014 at Ntepe High School in Gwanda, Matebeleland South.

The nurseries FOTE is establishing serve as a source of saplings for the numerous woodlots that are being established throughout the country. Other benefits derived from the nursery are employment creation, the provision of safe drinking water from boreholes and financial empowerment of the schools through the sale of seedlings.

Every year, FOTE organises a walkathon dubbed “The 500 Million Tree Walk” to raise awareness for its reforestation initiatives. Each walkathon is held during the last week of November so that it coincides with the National Tree Planting Day which is commemorated each year on the first Saturday of December. Past walkathons have seen a core group of approximately 150 people participating in the walkathons. In 2010, they walked from Gweru to Harare (285kms) in 7 days. In 2011, the walk was from Harare to Mutare (265kms) and took 6 days. 2012 saw people taking 3 days to walk from Harare to Mutoko (140kms). The following year, 2013 the walk was from Harare to Mount Darwin (160kms) over 4 days and in 2014, a distance of 130kms was covered over 3 days from Bulawayo to Gwanda.

FOTE is actively involved in tree planting activities and has planted 6 million trees since inception. Tree planting activities are carried out with institutions and organisations such as primary and secondary schools, tertiary education institutions, villages, churches, charity organisations, the Zimbabwe Prison Service, The Zimbabwe Republic Police, Municipalities, among others. Many of the trees are planted during the walkathons.

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Other CSR

Nyaradzo supports excellence in environmental reporting from the journalistic fraternity through their sponsorship of two awards: The Zimbabwe Union of Journalists National Journalism and Media Awards (NJAMA) Environment Journalist of the Year, and Environment Africa's Annual Environment Reporter Awards.

Nyaradzo is not only involved in environmental issues, they also support other organisations such as hospitals and sponsor a few University of Zimbabwe students in their studies.